Witchcraft and Superstitious Records

WITCHCRAFT AND SUPERSTITIOUS RECORDS in the South-Western District of Scotland.

By J Maxwell Wood, M.B. Dumfries :

Published by J Maxwell & Sons, 1911.

The following two extracts are taken from Mr. Wood’s book. They relate to happenings in and around Kirkcudbright, ‘reflecting a remoter time, when superstitious practices and beliefs held all-important sway in the daily round and task of the people.

Chapter 2. Witch Narratives. FOUR descriptions of ‘witches’ living in and around Kirkcudbright are given.

Chapter 3. Witchcraft Trials & Persecutions. The court being at Kirkcudbright, any ‘serious’ prosecutions duly found their way to the Burgh, with the miscreants being held in the Tolbooth.