Extracts from Old Books

First Statistical Account
From 1793; a detailed description of life in the parish & burgh at that time.

New Statistical Account, 1843.
In 1843 the Statistical Account was completely re-written and updated. Reproduced here in 3 parts.

Kirkcudbright Academy – 1926.
Extract from the Souvenir of Refurbishment – includes some old photos of the building etc.

Witchcraft & Superstitious Records
in the South-Western District of Scotland. 1911.

The Trial & Execution of Henry Greig – 1750
From a short article by John C MacKenzie of Kirkcudbright.

Kirkcudbright Castle
And the Lords Kirkcudbright.

Kirkcudbright in the Early Days of Queen Mary.
By J Robison. The Gallovidian, 1910.

Kirkcudbright’s Fishing Fleet.
David R Collin, March 1999

The Loch Liners.  Extracted from “White Wings” 1924. 
Details of the sailing fleet owned by the Sproat family of Kirkcudbright.

The Navigation of the River Dee.
An interesting essay written by George Davidson, of Kirkcudbright, recalling his days as a ships’ pilot on the river.

William Mouncey, Artist. by Malcolm Harper. A biographical article on this Kirkcudbright artist, published in “The Gallovidian” in 1904.

“Hot-Blast.” A Biography of James Beaumont Neilson, of Queenshill, Ringford. From: Industrial Biography, by Samuel Smiles. 1863.

The Story of the Scaur; and the Water of Urr Shipping, by ‘Scauronian’ Also contains section about Kirkcudbright sailors in the old days and mention of the “Countess of Galloway”

John Paul Jones Bi-centenary Celebrations. A record of the visit to the Stewartry of small party of Naval Officers in 1947.

Life of Thomas, Earl of Selkirk, who established the Red River Colony in Canada. From Literary History of Galloway, 1832.

During WW1 Tongland Engineering Works was an airplane engine factory.
And later it was involved in the production of Artificial Silk (Rayon)

Solway Sailing Vessels by James Copland. 1930. Comprehensive look at North Solway shipping 1850’s -early 1900’s

Maxwell’s Guide to the Stewartry of Kirkcudbright.
Dated 1878. The section describing Kirkcudbright and surrounding areas extracted.

Guide to Kirkcudbright, c.1920.
Includes some good photographs.

Kirkcudbright’s Siller Gun
History of the gun and the Silver Arrow, and of the competitions to win it – from the Six Incorporated Trades.

Rambles in Galloway
The Kirkcudbright chapters. Published 1876, the relevant sections appear here on three pages. 1. 2, 3.

Kirkcudbright – The Story of an Ancient Royal Burgh. By Rev. George Ogilvie Elder, M.A.
Published about 1895, by Adam Rae, Castle Douglas. 40 pages in 3 Chapters. 1. 2. 3.

Burgh Life in 16th & 17th Centuries.
Observations and extracts from Kirkcudbright Burgh Records.

The history of Fergus and his castle. Follows the history of his family until it died with Alan in 1234.

Kirkcudbright Incorporated Trades 1744 to 1799.
By J Robison, F.S.A Scot., 1920

The King’s Arms Inn.
The old ‘Head Inn’ of Kirkcudbright and it’s Burns Associations.

Tongland in Ancient and Modern Times.
By George Hunter, Ringford, 1903.

Kirkcudbright in 1853
Extracted from “The Topographical, Statistical, and Historical Gazetteer of Scotland” published in 1853, includes many items of historical interest.

The Old Clock of Kirkcudbright. By Mr John McKie
The history of the old Tolbooth clock with it’s single hand and two faces. Written by a past curator of the Stewartry Museum in 1897.