Postal Directory – 1921-2

The following list of residents of the Kirkcudbright area is taken from the  Stewartry Directory of 1921 – 22.

The letter “h” after business premises indicates private residence. The old fashion of using M’ instead of Mc in surnames was in use then and has been retained.

Adams, Robt., french polisher, 55 High Street.
Allan, Annie J., matron, Cottage Hospital, Townend.
Anderson, Alex., police constable. 99 High Street.
Anderson, Gordon, blacksmith, 125 High Street.
Anderson, John, blacksmith, Embankment; h 7 Bridge Street.
Angus, Wm., joiner, 25 High Street.
Armstrong, Mrs, Rosemount.

Baird, Mary, Silver Craigs, St. Cuthbert Street.
Ball, Maggie, 18 Atkinson’s Place.
Bank of Scotland, 15 St. Mary Street (Elliot F. Muir, agent).
Barber, Miss M., 42 High Street.
Barbour, Wm,, farmer, Strathdee, 94 St. Mary Street.
Barclay, Jas., railway guard, 30 Union Street.
Barclay, Wm., parish minister, The Manse, St. Cuthbert’s Road
Bain, Geo. P., postmaster, 68 St. Mary Street.
Barr, Miss Janet, 53 St. Cuthbert Street.
Barr, Robt., 16 St. Mary Street.
Barr, Mrs, 18½ Millburn Street.
Baty, Richard, fitter, 6½ Gladstone Place.
Baxter, Jane, 49 High Street.
Bear, G. Telfer, artist, 46 St. Mary Street.
Beattie, Frank, 18 St. Cuthbert Street.
Beattie, Jas. A., postman, 74 High Street.
Beattie, Mrs Mary, 6 Castle Street.
Beech, Harry, engineer, 10 High Street.
Belford, Wm., cabinetmaker, 16 Union Street.
Bell, Mrs, 122 High Street.
Bigger, Thos., & Sons, grain and manure merchants, Beaconsfield Place.
Bilison’s Glove Factory, Old Tolbooth (Miss Anderson, manageress).
Birkmyre, James, 9 High Street.
Black, David, engineer, 20 Millburn Street.
Black, Jas. T., draper’s salesman, 43 High Street.
Black, Robt., grocer, 4-6 St. Cuthbert Street (Tel. No. 9); h Esdaile, 76 St. Mary Street.
Blackley, Mrs M. A., nurse, 45 St. Cuthbert Street.
Blair, Miss Janet, grocer, 1 Gladstone Place.
Blair, Miss Mary, 8 High Street.
Booth, Hugh, labourer, 11 High Street.
Borland, Mrs C., nurse, 15 Church Place.
Boyd, Geo., retired stationmaster, 9 Bridge Street.
Branney, Robt., labourer, 3 Union Street.
Bremner, Jas., late quarry foreman, 51 St. Cuthbert Street.
Brew, Miss, milliner, 60 Castle Street ; h 98 High Street.
Broadfoot, Miss Agnes, 21 Union Street.
Broadfoot, Mrs Annie, 21 Millburn Street.
Broadfoot, James, grain miller, 1-3-5 Millburn Street. h 2 Millburn St.
Broadfoot, John, gardener, 98 High Street.
Brooks, Jasper, ladies’ and gent’s tailor, 13 Castle Street.
Brown, Adam, county clerk and solicitor, County Buildings (Tel. No. 26 ; h Glenholm (Tel. No. 43).
Brown, Alex. D., grocer, 65 St. Mary Street; h 63 St. Mary Street.
Brown, Annie, dressmaker, 65 Millburn Street.
Brown, Mrs E. M., Knockbrex. Tel. No. 11, Borgue.
Brown, Daniel, labourer, 47 High Street.
Brown, John, china merchant, 59 St. Mary Street; h 61 St. Mary St.
Brown, Mrs M. A., 12 Union Street.
Brown, Wm., grocer’s assistant, 17 High Street.
Brown, Wm., gardener, 4 Burnside Street.
Bruce, Wm., M.A., rector of Academy, 116 High Street.
Brunton, Miss Mabel M., art metal worker, 14a High Street.
Bryce, Alex., sailor, 11 High Street.
Buchan, Wm., mason, 22 High Street.
Burgoyne, James, labourer, 75 High Street.
Burns, Wm., engine-driver, 9 Gladstone Place.
Burns, Mrs, 7 Union Street.

Cairns Miss E., 64 St. Mary Street.
Caldow, John B., furniture dealer, 57 St. Mary Street.
Caldow, S.. carting contractor, 32 St. Mary Street.
Campbell, David, joiner, 96 High Street.
Campbell, James, builder and contractor, 84 High Street h 23 Union Street.
Campbell, John, Castle custodian, 47 High Street.
Campbell, Joseph, draper, 33-37 St. Mary Street (Tel. No. 44) ; h Riversdale.
Campbell. Joseph, draper, 78 St. Mary Street.
Campbell, S., bank agent, Commercial Bank House. Tel. No. 3.
Campbell, Samuel. mason, 32 High Street.
Cameron, Robt., 55 Millburn Street,
Carnochan, Donald, roadman, 21 Millburn Street.
Carnochan, Herries, tailor, 11 Gladstone Place.
Carson, J. & G., painters, 108 High Street,
Carson, Gordon, painter, 108 High Street.
Carson, John, painter, 108 High Street; h 1 Union Street.
Carter, Catherine, 98 High Street.
Carter, Jas., Selkirk Arms Hotel, 123 High Street. Tel. No. 2.
Carter, Mrs J. A., 49 High Street.
Cathcart, Major F. A., of Brockloch, Ardendee. Tel. No. 38.
Cavan, Alex., J. P., retired banker, 14 St. Cuthbert Street.
Caven, Mrs, 73 High Street.
Chalmers, Janet H., Deeside Cottage, 62 St. Mary Street.
Charlton, John, & Sons, grain and manure merchants; office, 1 St. Cuthbert Street. (Tel. No. 6) ; Grain stores, Castlebank.
Chesney, John, 6 Millburn Street.
Christal, Mrs and Miss Robina, Moss House, 36 High Street.
Clark, Amy S. U., teacher, 3-5 Bridge Street.
Clark Bros., ironmongers, 15 St. Cuthbert Street.
Clark, David, retired baker, 19 Union Street.
Clark, David, bootmaker, 12 Castle Street.
Clark, Helen, maternity nurse. 55 Castle Street.
Clark, W., ironmonger, 45½ High Street.
Clark, Wm., artist, Neptune Park.
Clark, Wm., 21 Castle Street.
Claucherty, John, Hart’s Close, 31 High Street.
Clingan, John, Atkinson’s Close, 11 High Street.
Clingan, Robt., H. grocer and wine merchant, 14 St. Mary Street ; h 17 St. Cuthbert Street. Tel. No. 17.
Clingan, Robt., mason, 7½ Gladstone Place.
Clues, John C., grocer, 101 High Street; h 94 High Street.
Coid, James, navel pensioner, Church Lane, Castle Street.
Collins, Jas., assistant miller, 33 Millburn Street.
Collins, L., chimney sweep, 74 High Street.
Collins, Mrs P., 5 Church Place.
Collins, Peter, painter, 1 Union Street.
Colinan, Robt., market gardener, Shillinghill.
Coltart, Miss, dressinalder, 6 High Street.
Comline, Christine Allan, 2 Townend.
Comline, Mrs S., railway contractor, 138 High Street.
Commercial Bank of Scotland (S. Campbell, agent).
Connelly. Geo., labourer, 115 High Street.
Conning, Miss R. C., stationer, &c., 22 St. Mary Street; h 24 St. Mary Street.
Constitutional Club, 16 and 18 St. Cuthbert Street (Frank Beattie, caretaker).
Cowan, Mrs Jas., 23 St. Mary Street.
Cowper, Mrs Mary, dressmaker, 84 High Street.
Croll, Jane S., Queen’s nurse, 9 Church Place.
Croshie, Jas., gardener, Hart’s Close, 31 High Street.
Crosbie, John, gardener, Atkinson’s Close, 11 High Street.
Cross, Thos., factor, The Grange. Tel. No. 18.
Crossan, George, golf greenkeeper, 108 High Street.
Crossan, Michael, labourer, 27 Union Street.
Cuminins, John, woodinan, 34 Millburn Street.
Currie, Wm., sergeant of police, Police Station. Tel. No. 100.

Dalziel, Alex., ironmonger, 21 St. Cuthbert Street.
Dalziel, Ebenezer, grocer and provision merchant, 28 and 30 Castle Street ; h Dellburn.
Dalziel, Jas., painter, 22 Castle Street ; h 2 Union Street.
Davidson, Alex., mason, 17 Millburn Street.
Davidson, D. J., postman, 9 Castle Gardens.
Davidson, Mrs M., bookseller and stationer, 24 Castle Street ; h 9 Castle Gardens.
Davidson, Wm., governor, Burnside House. Tel. No. 21.
Devlin, Charles, grocer’s assistant, 63 Millburn Street.
Devlin, Wm., mason, 16½ Millburn Street.
Devlin, Mrs. 19 Townend.
Dickson, Elizabeth, 26 Union Street.
Dobie, K., postman, 10½ Gladstone Place.
Dobie, Wm., steam raiser, Railway Cottage, 58 St. Mary Street.
Donald, Alex., chief constable, County Buildings (Tel. No. 100) h Riversdale. Tel. No. 47.
Douglas, Alex., school board officer, Pringieton, Borgue. Tel. No. 47.
Drill Hall, Embankment, 315 Battery R.F.A. Tel. No. 40.
Dryden, Mrs Jane, Hart’s Close, 31 High Street.
Dryden, John P., labourer, Atkinson’s Close, 11 High Street.
Duncan, David, Balmae House. Tel. No. 7, Dunrod.
Durham, Mrs, 122 High Street.

Easton, Joseph, 11½ Gladstone Place.
Fagan, Miss, 20 High Street,
Farrell, John Wm., postman, 12a St. Cuthbert Street
Ferguson, James, blacksmith, 113 High Street.
Ferguson, Jane C., 26 St. Cuthbert Street..
Ferrier, Alex.. 38 High Street.
Finlay, Thos., gardener. 62 High Street.
Finlayson, C., licensed grocer, 48 Castle Street h 46 Castle Street,
Flannigan, Mrs, 13 Union Street.
Forbes, N. E.. spirit merchant, Masonic Arms, 19 Castle Street.
Ford, Mrs. 17 High Street.
Frame. W. M., hairdresser, 59 Castle Street; h 40 Castle Street

Gallacher, F., labourer, 120 High Street.
Gallacher, John, mason, 26 Union Street.
Gallacher, John, fisherman, 37 Castle Street
Galloway Motor Co., Tongland. Tel. No. 49.
Garmory, Adam, roadman, 61 Millburn Street..
Garmory, Adam, tailor, 26 High Street.
Garmory, Mrs Agnes, 30 High Street.
Garmory, James, labourer, 41 High Street.
Gas Works, Gas Lane, Bridge Street.
Gass, George, bank accountant, 16 Castle Street.
Gavigan. Michael, labourer, 67 High Street.
Gaw, George, stationmaster, Station House, 56 St. Mary Street. Tel. No. 19.
Gibson, John, solicitor and N.P., town clerk, 16 Castle Street (Tel. No. 5); h 1 High Street.
Gibson, Miss, 44 High Street.
Gillespie, John, butcher, 138 High Street.
Gillone, Alex., painter, 7 Union Street.
Girls’ Club, 60 St. Mary Street.
Girls’ Hostel, 1 Townend.
Girvan, Mrs Isabella, 5 Atkinson Place.
Girvan, Robt., 73 Millburn Street.
Glasgow & South-Western Railway Station, 54 St. Mary Street. Tel. No. 19.
Glencorse, Robert, boot repairer, 58 Castle Street.
Glover, H. J., (M.D., D.P.M., D.T.M.), Ardwall Island, Borgue.
Goods Station, G. & S.-W. Railway, Bridge Street.
Goodman, Mrs J., ladies’ and children’s outfitter, 9 Castle Street.
Gordon, Adam H., grocer’s vanman, 2 Burnside Street.
Gordon, Alex. E., baker, 140 High Street.
Gordon, James, carting contractor, 11 Bridge Street.
Gordon, Mrs James A., baker, 105 High Street.
Gordon, J. R., baker and confectioner, 109 High Street; h 111 High Street.
Gordon, Mrs J. H., baker and confectioner, 34 St. Mary Street; h 111 High Street.
Gordon, William, burgh officer, Town Hall Buildings.
Gordon, William, bill poster, Town Hall Buildings.
Gourlay, A., plumber, 30 St. Mary Street.
Gourlay, Henry, storeman, 44 St. Mary Street.
Gourlay, Hugh, fisherman, 68 High Street.
Gourlay, John, labourer, 98 High Street.
Gourlay, Thomas, insurance agent, 15 Union Street.
Grant, Mrs Robert, Blinkbonnie.
Gray, Miss Ellen, motor engineer, 3 Atkinson Place.
Green, Edward, mason’s labourer, 30 High Street.
Green, Miss Lizzie, 120 High Street.
Greenlees & Sons, Ltd., boot and shoe makers, 30 St. Mary Street.
Greyfriars’ Episcopal Church, St. Cuthbert Street (Rev. W. G. Howard).
Grier, Mrs 14 Gladstone Place.
Grieve, Mrs, 27 Townend.
Grimshaw, William, teacher, 13 Townend.
Guna, Mrs N. B., Margrie, Borgue.

Haining Bros., butchers and game dealers, 3 Castle Street. Tel. No. 46.
Haining. Samuel, butcher and game dealer, 5 Castle Street.
Haining, Wm., butcher and game dealer, 35 St. Mary Street.
Hall, Jas., & Sons, butchers, &c., 28 St. Mary Street (Tel. No. 29); h 26 St. Mary Street.
Hall, James, railway signalman, 15 Millburn Street.
Halliday, Miss C. M., 33 St. Cuthbert Street.
Halliday, Miss A. V., 34 St. Cuthbert Street.
Halliday, Miss E., 34 St. Cuthbert Street.
Halliday, Mrs E., 14 Atkinson Place.
Halliday, Mrs G., 104 High Street.
Halliday, Mrs J. G., 24 Millburn Street.
Halse, E. A., engineer, 7 Gladstone Place.
Handling, Mary J., 127 High Street.
Hannah, James, railway porter, 72 High Street.
Hannah, James, painter, 4 Townend.
Hannah, James, railway porter, Burnside Cottage.
Hannah, Robert, joiner, 10 Townend.
Hannah, William, labourer, 82 High Street.
Hannay, B., & Sons, coal and lime merchants, Bridge Street ; h Tarff Vale, Ringford.
Harrison, James, mason, 4 Atkinson Place.
Harrison, John, tailor, 2 Atkinson Place.
Hartwell, Margaret, seamstress, 45 Millburn Street.
Harvey, Miss A. B., artist, 44 High Street.
Hastings. Samuel, coal agent, Bridge Street h 18 St. Mar Street
Hastings, S., grain merchant, 20 St. Mary Street.
Hastings, Sam., jun., grain salesman, 48 St. Mary Street.
Haugh, W. M., clerk, 35 St. Mary Street.
Hay, David, plasterer, 62 High Street.
Henderson, A. Kello, dispensing and photographic chemist, 9 St. Cuthbert Street (Tel. No. 221 ; h 7 St. Cuthbert Street.
Henderson, John, schoolmaster and inspector of poor, Katrine Bank, Borgue.
Henney, Peter, house painter, 37 St. Cuthbert Street.
Henney, Mrs, 6 Townend.
Henry, Alexander, accountant and insurance broker, 45 and 47 Castle Street.
Heuchan, Mrs A. M., sub-postmistress, Borgue. Tel. No. 1.
Hiddleston, Edward, 35 Millburn Street.
Hiddleston, Samuel, electrician, 51 St. Cuthbert Street.
Hinchliffe, Mrs 11 High Street..
Holborn, Miss M., 5½ Gladstone Place.
Holmes, Emra, land agent. Belmont. Tel. No. 14.
Hood, Mrs, 13 St Mary’s Drive.
Hope-Dunbar, Sir Chas. D ., St. Mary’s Isle. Tel. No. 48.
Hornell, Misses, 18 High Street.
Hornel, E. A., artist, Broughton House.
Hosock, Miss Emily J., Ellerslie.
Hotchkiss, Miss, artist, 44 High Street.
Houston, George, retired draper, 11 Church Place.
Houston, George, draper’s assistant, 71 St. Mary Street.
Houston, John, retired postman, Shore House.
Houston, Robert, draper, 73 St. Mary Street; h Gowanlea.
Howard, Rev. W. G., The Parsonage, Kirkcudbright.
Hughan, Jas., 39 High Street.
Hughan, James A., chemist, 41 Castle Street ; h 43 Castle Street.
Hunter, John, grocer’s assistant, 29 High Street..
Hunter, Rev. John M., U.F. Manse, St. Mary Street.
Hunter, Samuel, labourer, 15 Union Street.
Hutton, James, Warehouseman, 9 Millburn Street.

Institute, Reading Room, and Library, Town Hall Buildings (J. Stewart, secretary),

Jack, John, retired tailor, Forthend Cottage
Jamieson, Alex., 92 High Street.
Jamieson, Mrs, 13 High Street.
Jardine, Alex., engine-driver, 23 Castle Street.
Jardine. Archie. railway fireman, 9½ Gladstone Place.
Jardine, James, labourer, 73 High Street.
Jenkins, Miss, 48 High Street.
Johnston, James, power-house attendant, 13 Atkinson Place.
Johnston, John, woodcutter, 17 Atkinson Place.
Johnston School, St. Mary Street (J. M. Smith, MA., headmaster).
Johnstone, H., storeman, 91 High Street.
Johnstone, H. R., & Son, grain merchants. Bridge Street. (Tel. No. 35) ; h Springbank.
Johnstone, J., farm labourer. 31 High Street.
Johnstone, William, journalist, 32 Castle Street.
Jolly, Mrs, 90 St. Mary Street.

Kayes, Miss G., 5 High Street.
Kearney, Francis, dealer, 97 High Street.
Kearney, Mrs, 130 High Street.
Keenan, James, 150 High Street.
Kellochan, Mrs Mary, confectioner, 23 Millburn Street
Kellochan, Wm., storeman, S Castlebank.
Kelly, Alex., woodcutter, 11 Millburn Street.
Kelly, Anthony, Barhill Cottage.
Kelly, John, draper, 40 St. Mary Street ; h 26 High Street.
Kennedy, Robert, labourer, 102 High Street.
Kenny, Mrs. D., teacher, 49 Millburn Street.
Kerr, Mrs Sarah. 3 High Street.
Kerr, Mrs, 95 High Street.
Kiinm, Robt., manager, 57 St. Cuthbert Street.
King, Miss Ada, 44 High Street.
Kirkcudbright Institute, Reading Room, and Library, Town Hall Buildings.
Kirkland, Wm., bacon curer, 7 High Street.
Kirkpatrick, E., 47 St. Mary Street.
Kirldpatrick, Mrs J., 102 High Street.
Kirkpatrick, Mrs Samuel, 50 St. Mary Street.
Kirkpatrick, Wm., labourer. 21 Townend.

Laidlaw, Mrs, 31 Townend.
Laird, Hugh, joiner, 19 High Street.
Laird, Thomas, engineer’s fitter, 23 Castle Street.
Lamont, Mrs A., 30 Millburn Street.
Lamont, Thomas, tailor’s cutter, 13 St. Cuthbert Street
Lamont, Wm., forester, 15 Atkinson Place.
Laurie, Mrs John, 12 Atkinson Place.
Laurie, Miss M., certificated maternity nurse, 12 Atkinson Place.
Law, Wm., watchmaker, 7 Townend.
Law, Wm., cycle and motor agent, 25 St. Cuthbert Street h 32 Millburn Street
Lawes, Battery Sergt. -Major H. G.. drill instructor, Drill Hall Cottage
Leckie, Adam, 6 Castle Bank.
Liberal Club, 30 St. Cuthbert Street (Wm. Clement, caretaker:.
Lister, Robt., pedlar, 115 High Street.
Livingston, Hugh, Sheriff-clerk depute, 83 High Street.
Logan, Mrs Agnes, 2 Castle Street.
London, David S., gardener, 33 High Street.

MacAlister, Neil H., veterinary surgeon, 27 St. Mary’s Drive. Tel. No. 11.
Macdonald, James, cycle agent, 106 High Street.
MacDougall, Mrs, boarding-house keeper, 9 Union Street.
Mackenzie, Miss Catherine, 38 St. Cuthbert Street.
Mackenzie, Georgina, 13 Victoria Park.
Mackenzie, Mrs Margaret, 3 Castle Bank.
Mackenzie, Miss Mary, 40 St. Cuthbert Street.
Mackenzie Wm., newsagent, 1 Castle Street h 2 St. Cuthbert Street.
Mackie, Miss, district nurse, Borgue.
Mackinnell, Wm. A., architect and surveyor, Town Hall h The Sheiling, Maxwelltown. Tel. No. 188.
Macmillan, H., postal clerk, 17 Townend.
Macmillan, Norman C., bootmaker, 50 Castle Street.
MacMyn, John, M.D., medical practitioner, 50 St. Cuthbert Street. Tel. No. 31.
Macnish, Misses J., A., and M., 17 Castle Street.
M’Adam, Mrs Agnes, 42 St. Mary Street.
M’Adam, D. J., medical practitioner, Fludha. Tel. No. 34.
M’Adam James, plumber, 75 High Street.
M’Adam, John, saddler, 29 St. Cuthbert Street: h 47 St. Mary Street.
M’Adam, Miss, 5 Castle Gardens.
M’Allister, Chas., labourer, 115 High Street.
M’Bain Messrs J., & Co., boot and shoe makers. 17 St. Cuthbert Street h 12 Castle Street.
M’Burnie, S., gardener, 126 High Street.
M’Call, Gilbert., postman, Bell’s Barns.
M’Clune, James, labourer, 122 High Street.
M’Clune, Robert, plumber, 2 St. Cuthbert’s Place.
M’Clune, Robert, slater, 44 St. Mary Street.
M’Clune, William, carter, 41 High Street.
M’Clune, Wm., meal miller, 7 Atkinson Place.
M’Clymont, Mrs, 93 St. Mary Street.
M’Conchie, Robert, landscape photographer, 21 St. Mary Street h 19 St. Mary Street.
M’Connell, Moses, coal agent, Railway Station h 43 Millburn Street.
M’Coull, David, dyker, 90 High Street.
M’Coull, Mrs D., 30 High Street.
M’Coull, James, 22 High Street.
M’Coull, Mrs J., 132 High Street.
M’Coull, Margaret, 100 High Street.
M’Coull, Peter, tailor. 90 High Street.
M’Coull, Thos., sen., mason, 82 High St
M’Coull, Thos., jun., mason, 82 High St
M’Coull, W., painter, 132 High Street.
M’Cormick, John, engine-driver. 38a Millburn Street.
M’Cormack, Wm., roadman, 42 Millburn Street
M’Culloch, Wm., labourer, 32 Union Street.
M’Dougall, Neil, schoolmaster, Whinnieliggate.
M’Dowall, Alex., fitter, 79 High Street.
M’Elfrish, Misses, 69 St. Mary Street.
M’Ewen, Misses, dressmakers, 7 Castle Gardens.
M’Ewen, Peter, woodcutter, 23 Townend.
M’Ewen, W., clerk, 4 Union Street.
M’Farlane Rev. Bryce, The Manse, Tongland.
M’Ferran, John, railway porter, 39 Millburn Street.
M’George, W S., F.R.S.A., artist, Studio, St. Mary Street h 43 High Street
M’Ghie, John joiner, 18 Millburn Street.
M’Gill Mrs. Elizabeth, 16 Bridge Street.
M’Gill J., 76 High Street.
M’Gowan John, insurance agent, 13 Bridge Street..
M’Gowan J B. A., Knockwalloch.
M’Gowan, Thos., drover, 49 St. Mary Street.
M’Guiniss, Miss M. J., Corby Slap.
M’Hardy, Rev. Jos.. St. Andrew’s R.C. Church.
M’Henry, Mrs, 80 High Street.
M’Keand, Alex., publican. 1 St. Cuthbert’s Place
M’Keand, Mrs, 31 High Street.
M’Keand, Robert, railway porter, 53 Castle Street
M’Keand, W., coal agent, 32 St. Mary Street.
M’Kie, Gilbert, mason, 29 Millburn Street.
M’Kie, Jas., ostler, 43 St. Cuthbert Street.
M’Kie, Jas., joiner, 45 High Street.
M’Kie. John, labourer, 115 High Street.
M’Kie, Wm., mariner, 22 Union Street.
M’Kie, Mrs Wm., 15 Millburn Street.
M’Kie, Mrs, 5 Atkinson Place.
M’Kill, David, plumber, 134 High Street.
M’Kill. Geo., sheriff officer, County Buildings; h 118 High Street.
M’Kill, John J.. watchmaker, 134 High Street.
M’Kinley Miss Agnes, 28 High Street.
M’Kinney, Archie, teacher, The Anchorage, High Street.
M’Knight, David, electrician, 23 High Street.
M’Knight, Elizabeth, 1 Gladstone Place.
M’Lachlan, Robt.. chauffeur, Church Lane, Castle Street.
M’Lauchlan, W. T., motor vanman, 57 Millburn Street.
M’Laren Miss, 27 High Street.
M’Lellan Major F. R., Marks. Tel. No. 30×2.
M’Lellan’s Castle, Castle Bank (John Campbell, custodian)
M’Millan Mr E., Church Lane, Castle Street.
M’Millan Henry, hairdresser, 6 Union Street.
M’Millan, James, 31 St. Cuthbert Street.
M’Millan, Robert, coal agent, Bridge Street.. h 22 Millburn Street.
M’Millan Rose A.. fishmonger, 10 St. Cuthbert Street h 12 St. Cuthbert Street.
M’Millan Mrs laundress, Shillinghill, Millburn Street.
M’Minn Wm., driver, 126 High Street.
M’Monies, James, chauffeur, 75 Millburn Street.
M’Monies. Robert, baker, 47 Millburn Street.
M’Monnies W., shoemaker, 26 Millburn Street.
M’Murray, Jas., & Sons, cab and motor hirer, Royal Hotel Stables and Garage (Tel. No. 12) h 2 Gladstone Place.
M’Murray, Mrs. 10 Victoria Park.
M’Nair, G., gas manager, 1 Bridge Street.
M’Naught, John, carter, 148 High Street.
M’Naught, Miss, draper, 47 St. Mary Street.
M’Neillie, Samuel, scavenger, 93 High Street.
M’Queen, Thos., platelayer, 41 St. Cuthbert Street.
M’Queen, Thos., police constable, 54 Castle Street.
M’Robert, J., motor driver, 48 St. Mary Street.
M’Robert, Jas., draper, 5 Gladstone Place.
M’Robert, Thos., forester, 30 High Street.
M’Skimming .Jas., & Son, Watchmakers, 31 St. Mary Street h 29 St. Mary Street.
M’William Jas., ostler. 17 Millburn Street.

Maitland, Lieut.-Col. Claude, D.S.O., Cumstoun. Tel. No. 32.
Malcolmson, Miss M., 2 Millburn Street.
Maltman, Mrs Mary, 14 Union Street.
Maltman, Nicholas, 36 Millburn Street.
Mantle, Miss M., 84 Sr. Mary Street.
Marshall. George, farm manager. 2 St.. Cuthbert’s Place.
Marshall, Miss Mary, 11 St. Mary Street.
Maxwell, Mrs E., 122 High Street.
Maxwell, Mrs Gordon, 41 Millburn Street.
Maxwell, Wm., grocer, 142 High Street.
Maxwell, Wm., labourer, 67 Millburn Street
Maxwell, Mrs, Mill Bank, St. Cuthbert’s Road.
Meggat, Misses M. and S. J., 85 St. Mary Street.
Melbourn, J. K., hairdresser, &c., 23 St. Cuthbert Street.
Middleton, Alex., mason, 37 High Street.
Middleton, David, builder. 34 High Street..
Middleton, David, sen., dyker, 102 High Street
Middleton, David, postman, 20 Union Street.
Middleton, David, jun., mason, 102 High Street.
Middleton, James, plumber and gasfitter, 108 High Street
Middleton, James, dyker, 59 High Street.
Middleton, Robert, mason, 81 High Street.
Middleton, R. J., contractor, 92 High Street.
Millburn, Robert, Royal Hotel, 42 St. Cuthbert Street. Tel. No. 51.
Millar. Marion, 98 High Street.
Millar, Wm., Jno. labourer, 89 High Street.
Miller, Robert, burgh surveyor, 86 St. Mary Street.
Miller, Wm. A., harness maker, 38 St. Mary Street.
Milligan, A. R., 92 St. Mary Street.
Milligan, John K., joiner, Corby Slap.
Milligan, John, 4 Castle Bank.
Milligan, Robert, gravedigger, 38 Millburn Street.
Milligan, Wm., joiner. The Lake (Royal National Lifeboat Institution ). Tel. No. 25.
Milne, T. L., watchmaker, 51 Castle Street.
Milroy, G. and J.. general dealers, 66 and 72 High Street.
Milroy, Jas., gas stoker, 10 Union Street.
Millroy, Mrs John, 51 Millburn Street.
Milveen, John, motor Driver, 12 Gladstone Place.
Mitchell, Miss E., 11 St. Mary Street.
Mitchell, John, baker, 27 Castle Street.
Mitchell, Robert C., milk seller, 29a St. Cuthbert Street.
Mitchell, Mrs R. S., 29 Castle Street..
Moffat, Mrs, 23 High Street.
Montgomery, Mary K., Glendrost, St. Cuthbert’s Road.
Mongomery, R., solicitor, 16 Castle Street.
Moreland, Mrs Mary, 9 Atkinson Place.
Moreland, Mary, outworker, 92 High Street.
Moreland, Mrs, 88 St. Mary Street.
Morrison, Wm. Wallace, inspector of poor, Istapa Cottage, Millburn Street.
Morton, A., & Co., Carpet Factory, Embankment.
Mouncey, Mrs M., Woodlea.
Muir, Mrs A. M., Auchengoul, Castle Bank.
Muir, Miss Isa, 7 Castle Street.
Muir, Wm. Lamb, 89 St. Mary Street.
Muirhead, Mrs A ., 57 Castle Street.
Mundell, H., 4 St. Cuthbert’s Place.
Murchie, Mrs A., 40 Millburn Street.
Murdoch, Mrs Janet. baker, 28 St. Cuthbert Street. h 59 High Street.
Murdoch, W. H., baker, 57 High Street.
Mure, Miss, 16 High Street.
Muse, Elliot. F., Bank of Scotland agent, 15 St. Mary Street.
Mure &Anderson, solicitors, 17 St. Mary Street. Tel. No. 53.
Murphy, David, gardener, 24 Union Street.
Murphy, Geo., tailor, 84 High Street.
Murray, Hugh, labourer, 53 High Street.
Murray, Jane, 51 High Street.
Murray, James, labourer, 13 Millburn Street.
Murray, Wm., signalman, 12½ Gladstone Place.
Murray, Miss, 3 Castle Gardens.
Murray, Mrs., 31 High Street.

Naismith, Miss A., 3 Gladstone Place.
Napier, Laurence T., sheriff-substitute, 119 High Street.
National Bank of Scotland, 16 Castle Street (John Gibson, agent). Tel. No. 5.
Neale, F., engineer, Beaconsfield Place.
Nicholson, Mrs A., 72 Tongland Road
Nicholson, Geo. H., veterinary surgeon, 9 St. Mary Street. Tel. No. 16.
Nicholson, Wm., clerk of the peace, 70 St. Mary Street.
Nicol, John, tailor, 69 Millburn Street.
Nish, Hugh, head teacher, Townhead.
Niven, Benjamin, baker. 64 High Street.
Niven, Isabella, 71 High Street.
Nivens, Mrs, 92 High Street
Oddfellows’ Hall, 78 High Street (Jas. M’Adam caretaker).
Ogilvie, John, sheriff -clerk, County Buildings h 15 Townend.
O’Grady, Michael, dealer, 22 High Street.
Oliver, Beatrice A. W., motor engineer, 8½ Gladstone Place.
Omissi, Enrico, confectioner, 22 St. Cuthbert Street h 20 St. Cuthbert Street.
Oppenheimer, Chas.. artist. 14 High Street.
Osborne, Jas., cabinetmaker, 3 St. Cuthbert Street (Tel. No. 42) h County Buildings.
Osborne, Miss, caretaker, County Buildings.
Owens, Mrs, teacher, 54 St. Cuthbert Street.

Palmer, M., ladies’ outfitters, 53 St. Mary Street h 55 St. Mary Street.
Palmer, Thos., draper, 139 St. Mary Street h Lynn Bank, Tongland.
Parish Church (Rev. Wm. Barclay, B.D., The Manse, minister).
Parish Church Hall, St. Mary Street.
Parkhill, G., lifeboat Cox, 10 Castle Bank.
Parkhill, M., fisherman, 31 High Street.
Paterson. D. H., cycle and sports emporium, 25 Castle Street
Paterson, E. G., monumentalist, 55 St. Cuthbert Street.
Paterson, R., joiner. 20 Townend.
Paterson, R., platelayer, 52 St. Mary Street.
Paterson. J., labourer, 31 High Street.
Patton, Rev. John, U.F. Manse, Borgue.
Pearson, J., master mariner, Corby Slap.
Pearson, W., fisherman, 8 Atkinson Place.
Pennel, Rev. W. J., B.D., J.P., The Manse, Borgue.
Penny. G., plumber, 56 Castle Street.
Peters, Mary H., 10 Gladstone Place.
Picture House, 52 St. Cuthbert Street (R Kimm, manager).
Poland, Eliza, 126 High Street.
Poland, G., fisherman, 128 High Street.
Poland, Mrs Janet, 126 High Street
Poland, J., fishermen, 60 High Street.
Poland, Mrs, 4 Castle Bank.
Potter, Jas , confectioner, 44 Castle Street.
Post Office, 39 Castle Street (G. P. Bain, postmaster).
Pullinger, T. C., engineer, Dee View, Tongland.

Queen’s Nurse (Jane S. Croll), 9 Church Place.

Rae. Mrs Agnes, 5 Castle Street.
Rae, Mrs E., 4 Gladstone Place.
Rae, James, draper, 25 St. Mary Street (Tel. No. 41) h 3 Church Place.
Rae, James, ship’s officer, 35 Castle Street.
Rae, James, 92 High Street.
Rae. John, carting contractor, 62 High Street.
Rae, Mary A., 35 St. Cuthbert Street.
Rae, Robert, 89 High Street.
Rae, Thos., contracter, Millbank, St. Cuthbert’s Road.
Rain, Adam, gardener, 8 Millburn Street.
Ramage, William, plumber and tinsmith, 43 St. Mary Street; h 45 St. Mary Street.
Rankine, Robert, missionary, 98 High Street,
Raphael, Mrs, Barhill.
Reid, Mrs Jas., 25 Union Street.
Reid, Wm., engine-driver, 59 Millburn Street.
Riddick, Mrs, 13 Millburn Street.
Robb, John, MA., teacher, 31 Castle Street.
Robertson, John, mason, 49 St. Cuthbert Street.
Robertson, Robert, superintendent of police, 7 Church Place.
Robertson, Mrs, 117 High Street.
Robinson, Thos., postal clerk, 5 Castle Gardens.
Robison, Jos., journalist, 14 Castle Street.
Robson, Wm., artist, Studio, Castle Bank; h 52 High Street.
Rodger, John, gardener, 21 Townend.
Rogerson, Christopher, grocem, S St. Cuthbert Street.
Rogerson & Black, grocers and provision merchants, 4 and 6 St. Cuthbert Street. Tel. No. 9.
Rogerson & Black, nursery, Millburn Street.
Rome, Miss M., 79 St. Mary Street.
Roots, Mrs A., 21 Millburn Street.
Ross, Mrs A., Parish Church caretaker, 16 Atkinson Place.
Ross, Mrs A., sen., 10 Atkinson Place.
Ross, H., labourer 10 Millburn Street.
Russell, Mrs, 35 High Street.
Sayers, Jas. C., & Son, cabinetmakers and boat builders, The Stell.
Scott, Geo., 59 St. Cuthbert Street.
Seggie & Milligan, joiners amid builders, 129 High Street.
Seggie, D. J., joiner, 129 High Street.
Seggie, Mrs Mary, 129 High Street.
Sharp, Jas., mason, 47 St. Cuthbert Street.
Sharp, Margaret, 13 Gladstone Place.
Shields, D. & J., shoemakers, 67 St. Mary Street ; h Inverdee.
Sinclair, Miss A., 32 St. Cuthbert Street.
Slater, John mason, 23 Millburn Street.
Sloan, Wm., fruiterer, 46 St. Mary Street ; h 49 St. Mary Street.
Smith. James, railway guard. 3 Castle Gardens.
Smith, Jos., hedger, 25 Townend.
Smith, J. M., teacher, Hilldrop, Tongland Road.
Smith, Mrs, 1 Atkinson Place.
Southcourt,, W. H. G., factor, Carseyard, Borgue.
Spinet, Miss K., 11 St. Mary Street..
Sproat, Mrs, Dee Bank.
Sproat, Wm. T., Borgue House. Tel. No. 5.
St. Andrew’s Hall, 63 High Street.
St. Cuthbert’s Billiard Club. Beaconsfield Place.
Steuart, Murray Babbington, MB., CM., medical practitioner, Oakley. Tel. No. 10.
Stevenson, Welsh, labourer, 103 High Street.
Stevenson, Wm., retired farmer, 17 Bridge Street.
Stewart, John, postman, 28 Millburn Street
Stewart, Miss Mary, 4 Millburn Street.
Stewartry of Kirkcudbright Museum, 6 St. Mary Street (Geo. Thomson, caretaker).
Stitt, Wm., mariner, 64 High Street.
Straiton, Andrew, dealer, 92 High Street.
Strang Mrs James, china merchant, 34 Castle Street.
Strang, Robert, branch manager of Employment Exchange, 26 Castle Street. Tel. No. 15.
Suttie, Mrs, 41 St. Mary Street.
Swan, John, monumental mason, 31 Millburn Street.
Swan, Mrs, 11 High Street.

Tait, Alex., W., painter, 51 St. Mary Street
Tait, Wm., joiner, 4 High Street.
Tait, Wm., joiner, 17 High Street.
Tait, Miss, 6 Atkinson Place.
Tait, Mrs. 1 High Street.
Taylor, E. A., artist, 21 High Street ; h 46 High Street.
Telford, John, Grocer and china merchant, 24 St. Cuthbert Street.
Tennis Courts, St. Mary Street.
Thomson, D., gardener, 8 Townend.
Thomson, G., shoemaker, 4 St. Mary Street.
Thomson, J., gas stoker, 75 Millburn Street.
Thomson, Miss J. E., milliner, 6-8 Castle Street,
Thomson, Mrs 31., 55 Castle Street.
Thomson. Samuel, joiner, 33 Castle Street.
Thomson, Mrs Wm., 11 Atkinson Place.
Thomson, Mrs, Castle Mains.
Tosnet, Miss M., dressmaker, 25 Union Street.
Toule, Alex., foreman. 37 Millburn Street.
Toule, Miss Jane, 11 Castle Street.
Town Hall, 7 Sr. Mary Street (Wm. Gordon, caretaker, 1 Church Place).
Treche, A., 36 St Cuthbert Street.
Turner, H., mason, 9 Bridge Street.

U.F. Church Hall, Gladstone Place.
Wallace & Sons, builders, Daar Lodge, 10 St. Mary Street. Tel. No. 30.
Wallace, John, joiner, St. Mary’s Place, 3 Townend.
Wallace, Robt., builder, St. Mary’s Place, 11 Townend.
Wallace, S., labourer. 50 St. Mary Street.
Wallace, Walter, builder, Daar Lodge. Tel. No. 30.
Watson, James, Commercial Hotel and Garage, 25 St. Cuthbert Street. Tel. No. 7.
Watson, Mrs J., 6 Gladstone Place.
Watson, Stewart, 71 Millburn Street.
Watson, George, 11 Union Street.
Waugh, Robt., procurator-fiscal, Sheriff Court-house. Tel. No. 100. h Anchorlee.
Welsh, Mrs Mary, 44 St. Mary Street.
Welsh, Mrs Robt., 19 Mill burn Street.
Wemyss, Mrs James, caretaker of UF. Church, 8 Gladstone Place.
Whan, John, labourer, 22 High Street.
Whan, Robt., labourer, 74 High Street.
White, Miss Agnes, teacher, Bridge Cottage, Tongland Head.
White, John, tailor, 45 St. Cuthbert Street.
White, Wm., master mariner, 1 Castle Gardens.
Wigan, Lewis Davis, Senwick.
Wilkinson, James, woodcutter, 25 Millburn Street.
Wilkinson, John, labourer, 24 Townend.
Williamson, Alex., engineer, 5 Townend.
Williamson, Mrs A., Meadowside.
Williamson, G., & Sons, motor engineers and coachbuilders, Bridge Street. Tel. No. 13.
Williamson, Geo. M., motor engineer, 30 St. Mary Street.
Williamson, Geo., motor engineer, Deeside Villa, 60 St. Mary Street.
Williamson, Jas. M. A., LL.B., solicitor, 1 St. Cuthbert Street (Tel. No. 6) ; h Bearlochan, Twynholm.
Williamson, Miss Jean, 19 St. Cuthbert Street.
Williamson, John, coachbuilder, Shillinghill.
Williamson, Miss, Mansefield, 87 St. Mary Street,
Wilson, James, labourer, 92 High Street.
Wilson, John, butcher, 39 St. Cuthbert Street.
Wilson, Robt. L., science master, 24 High Street.
Wilson, Robt., brass furnaceman, 27 Union Street.
Wishart, Thos. A., 110 High Street.